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Look for student Brenna D'Amico in the upcoming Disney Movie  “Descendants”

"My girls did their very first play with Tracy when they were just in preschool.    Now they are both in middle school and continue to love to perform.   I attribute much of this to their positive experience early on.   I remember the girls would hardly be out of costume from one performance and they would ask “when are the next auditions?”    Tracy has taught them to be accountable (by learning their lines), to understand emotions (by developing the characters) and to be creative (by expressing themselves onstage).   I am so thankful for the fantastic opportunities that Tracy has provided.   Not only have they had the chance to perform, but also to choreograph and to be interns for the younger groups.   My girls love everything about the theater and it has been a joy to watch this love grow.    We look forward to our next play with Nomad Theater.    Thank you, Tracy!"

                            -Michelle Das

"Tracy, I've seen very many of your productions, and have always been impressed
with what you can do with those kids.  A very large part of my Grandkids', Stephanie and Nathan, love of this art comes from your heart. They are young adults now, and I have the pleasure of sharing MY love of theater with them. Keep up your passion, and love for performing arts, you are shaping theater's future. In appreciation...."
                   -Patti Kassel-Moberg

"Tracy, Thank you for providing our kids with an opportunity to participate in a team activity that builds self-confidence and encourages creativity.  You are teaching these kids how to speak in public, how to be persuasive in their communication and how to have a positive self-image.  And yes, it is a team activity because you are teaching them the importance of working together, cooperation, how to listen and how to accept the viewpoints and contributions of others.  

During the 4 years that Meghan has been taking classes with you (Yes, it has been that long!) I have watched kids with speech impediments and learning disabilities get up in front of an audience and deliver their lines with incredible confidence that they couldn’t get anywhere else.  A sport team would not provide this type of skill or confidence. 

This year for Meghan’s First Communion she had to do a reading.  Imagine my surprise and pride when she stood in front of a congregation of over 300 people and from memory recited her reading loudly and clearly.  Even her high school aged cousins were impressed.  This ability and confidence she learned in your class and are skills she will use her whole life.

I also appreciate how hard you work at giving each kid an opportunity to shine.   When people ask me why I chose Nomad Theatre Company for Meghan, that is one of my top reasons.  

I’ve said it before, but you have the patience of Job and at times I don’t know how you do it…but you always do!  Thank you Tracy!"

                           - Kim Monroe

"Self Esteem for Life Foundation gave my son Jack an opportunity for a lead role in a small setting as a sophomore in high school.  We did not know he could sing!   It was the start of a passion, and he now plans to pursue music education in college.  Since this start our son has grown in confidence and tried other theatrical avenues including writing a one-act play."     

                         - Linda Lindberg

"All of Tracy's productions do a wonderful job of not only being a joy to be in, but also being professional. She holds the company to a level of professionalism not seen in other young adult companies. To this day, I'm still proud of the work we've created and the time I spent collaborating with her."

                          -Nadia Pelletier

"My son always has a positive experience in Tracy's classes. She finds the kids' strengths and gives each and every child a chance to really shine on stage."
                            -Lori Laraia

"Hi Tracy: I’m so glad my kids, Jeremy and Amanda, found you and have had the chance to work so closely with you. They have gained so much more than on-stage experience. You have given them the gift of becoming performing artists, and an internal confidence that only comes when someone you trust and respect believes in you."
                             -Sal Swanton

"I am incredibly thankful for all the experiences I've had with Nomad. The confidence I've gained is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am beyond grateful for the encouragement and teaching, as well as the amazing opportunities that Tracy has provided me throughout my time with Nomad." 
                            -Emily Brown

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Nomad Theatre Company, sponsored by SELF, is a tuition-based, audition-only educational program.  Appearing around the Fox Valley Area, we produce a wide variety of projects all aimed at building self-esteem and leadership among youth grades 2nd through college.  Cast members "create not imitate" by collaborating with the director to develop a unique show based on everyone's participation and imagination. Everyone gets a part.



Grades 9-College 

The script contains adult content.  This is not based on the movie "The Clique."

Wednesday, March 4 at 8:00pm and Sunday, March 8 at 8:00pm

Performances are FREE to attend.  No tickets-open seating.
Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles

Alex Kuphal
Austin Petersen
Bri Golden
Celina DiCiaula
Julianna Klecka
Katharine Bartosz
Kristina Talia
Kyle Krisch
Madeline McCue
Madison Rae
Melissa Tancredi
Paige Lively
Rebecca Munoz
Tenleigh Wells

MUSIC DIRECTOR:  Melody Kuphal
ASST. DIRECTOR:  Celina DiCiaula




“ANNIE KIDS” CAST (SUNDAY rehearsals) 


Performances are FREE to attend.  No tickets-open seating.
Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles


Grades 2-8 


Friday, March 20 from 6-8pm

Saturday, March 21 from 4-6pm

Sunday, March 22 from 4-6pm

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Click here for Saturday Cast Schedule

Click here for Sunday Cast Schedule

LOCATION:  Pheasant Run Resort

St. Charles, IL

Performances are FREE to attend.  No tickets--open seating.


Grades 8-College 


Sunday, June 7 from 5-7pm

Monday, June 8 from 5-7pm

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August 8, 2015

Performances are FREE to attend.  No tickets--open seating.

Click here for schedule

LOCATION:  Pheasant Run Resort

St. Charles, IL

DIRECTOR:  Tracy Whiteside
ASST. DIRECTOR:  Kyle Krisch



Title TBD

Click here for schedule 

LOCATION:  Pheasant Run Resort

St. Charles, IL

Performances are FREE to attend.  No tickets--open seating.


These are tuition-based educational programs.  Tuition is $195. Cast members supply their own costumes, makeup and props.  There are no scholarships available at this time. Parents or cast members are asked to volunteer in some capacity such as costumes coordination or clean up.

All programs meet the Illinois State Board of Education Teaching Standards for Drama/Theatre Arts.


-Space rental


-Music CDs

-Licensing of performance material


-Lighting and sound technician

Most performances are FREE to attend. No tickets are sold and seating is open. This policy provides everyone the opportunity to enjoy the experience of live theatre.

NOMAD’S BLACK BOX THEATRE is performed on a very simple stage with minimal set pieces. This allows the actors to be the focus of the show, and offers more flexibility and staging options.

NOMAD’S KIDS productions are popular G-rated musicals or plays. This gives children grades 2-8 a chance to play the lead roles that usually go to teens in youth productions.

NOMAD’S HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE productions are typically more edgy shows, usually with adult themes. They are often PG-13 or R-rated for language and mature content.


Everyone will be cast, so don't worry if you do not have time to prepare.  Just sing "Happy Birthday."  If you do not have a monologue prepared, you will be asked to read from the script.

We are willing to work around conflicts if the dates are provided at time of auditions.

-Email info@selfoundation.org to make an appointment.  Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments will be taken first.  

-If you are unable to attend auditions, please email us and we will try to make other arrangements.

-Video auditions are accepted.

-Memorize a 30-second to one-minute monologue that demonstrates acting skills.  Do not use a monologue from the show, but choose one similar in feeling to the character you are most interested in playing.  Google "monologues" for examples.

-There are always non-singing roles available.

-If you are interested in a solo, memorize 30 seconds to one minute of a song.  Do not use a song from the show, but one from a similar show.  Bring backing tracks (instrumental/karaoke) on a CD in MP3 AUDIO (music) format.  Check out www.karaoke-version.com to download tracks.  ACT the song!  Singing a cappella is not recommended.

-There will NOT be an accompanist unless otherwise specified.

-Wear clothes you can dance in.  No short skirts, boots, sandals, clogs, etc.

-Bring dance shoes (ballet or jazz). Most musicals require a short dance audition that will be taught in small groups.

-Bring a photo.  8" x 10" preferred.

-If experienced, bring an actor's resume.  Google "actor's resume format" for examples.

-Some actors may be asked to read from the script.